this literally gave me chills.

I’ve never hit the reblog button so fast in my life.

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There are not many Latino or African American superheroes. Do you feel a special pressure or do you enjoy…? 


Holy fuck I’m in love.

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So two of this episodes’ big storylines hit very weird, sensitive places for me in the sense of those storylines are literally the what the ex and I lived except there was no happy resolution and I’m sad and bitter.

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The hospital called Blaine.  Kurt has him listed as his emergency contact.

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Poor Burt.  I can’t imagine that call home to Burt and Carol.  A year after they lose one son and get this call about the other.

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that bottom left one though.  He looks like Finn.

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I really loved that Sam didn’t waste a second getting out of there.  As someone who not only has had body image issues but who has several times been somewhat vulnerable to pseudo-science (the Mayan Apocalypse) and pressure from romantic interests (“Santana told me to stop speaking Na’vi”), this could have been a dangerous environment for him, especially since since all this was one of the first hurdles that presented itself on his way off the couch and onto his chosen career.  He didn’t give himself time to question or be talked into anything - he just left.

That apartment is also like the couch Blaine bought off the truck. It looks awesome on the outside, but on the inside it’s diseased and could easily infect you.

I love that he left immediately.  I love that this wasn’t a lesson.  That he didn’t stay out of bad advice or thinking he didn’t have anywhere else to go.  That he let himself get pulled into this toxic environment to show more harmful sides to NYC/adulthood (which seems to be a running theme). 

It was such a good message.  You’re allowed to know in your gut that something is wrong and you’re allowed to remove yourself from that situation without having to explain yourself.  You don’t have to feel bad about it, you don’t even have to give it more thought.  You can get the hell out of dodge if you have that prickly feeling that something is up.  No one even dissuaded him.  No one pointed out that he could lose opportunities.  It was just accepted that he had to get out of there.


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#i don’t need to look where i’m shooting #caw caw motherfuckers

No, but can we talk about this. HE KNEW THIS MOTHERFUCKER WAS COMING. Either he’d sighted them before or (and this is my thinking, because HAWKEYE) he saw them coming in the windows of another building.

He makes split second calculations and looses an arrow WITHOUT LOOKING, and hits his target dead on.

This isn’t him showing off or anything. It’s tactical. It’s watching your own six while watching someone else’s.

This is years upon years of training, muscle memory, and straight up intelligence that puts most people to shame, all coming into play.

And let’s not forget, SHIELD’s physicists couldn’t figure out the tesseract opened from both sides. Yet Clint did.

When it comes down to it? This man is one of the biggest BAMFS in the Marvelverse, MCU or comics.

Clint’s human. He’s said it himself:

“You cowboy around with the Avengers some. Guys got, what, armor. Magic. Super-powers. Super-strength. Shrink-dust. Grow-rays. Magic. Healing factors. I’m an orphan raised by carnies fighting with a stick and a string from the Paleolithic era. So when I say this looks “bad”? I promise you it feels worse.”




And he does all this. And keeps up with people with superpowers.

I present to you: One of the baddest of asses ever to walk the planet. Clint. Mother. Fucking. Barton.

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Where’s the parallel gifs of You Make Me Feel So Young and the “We’ll be young forever” bits of Teenage Dream? 

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"Bash" Promo

Rachel and Kurt’s argument is a bit odd.  We’ve all been saying for the past few episodes just how much Kurt is done with high school, done with its drama, and the one who is getting fed up with Rachel and Santana’s antics.  And though being fed up and feeling claustrophobic are not the tell tales of an adult, it seems like Kurt was the one sort of rising above everything.  What makes Rachel claim that he’s afraid of becoming a real adult?  What brings him to the point of ‘screw you’? 

(Also—I can’t help but think about how Burt and Carol must feel in Lima, still mourning one son and getting a call like this about the other.)

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I really wish there was a web series of Elliot hanging out with his other friends, telling them about the insane group of people he’s met recently… “They all went to this high school that just, like, churns out professional entertainers, and, I swear, when they’re not trying to live with me, they all stay in one apartment that doesn’t even have any walls. Super weird, man.”
—  EW’s 5x14 recap (x)

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